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Periodontist Explains the Connection Between Gum Disease and Alzheimer’s

December 19, 2017

Filed under: Periodontics — drgrossman @ 7:40 pm

Hand writing Alzheimer’s DiseaseAlzheimer’s Disease is a devastating condition that affects an estimated 5.5 million Americans according to the Alzheimer’s Association. The neurodegenerative condition is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. While the exact cause of it has yet to be discovered, there are certain genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that are believed to increase the risk for it. Now, research shows that those with prolonged untreated periodontal disease (gum disease) could develop the condition. With the bacteria responsible for the infection often found in the brains of those with Alzheimer’s, it is more important than ever to visit your periodontist for gum disease therapy at the first sign of inflammation.