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3 Things You Need to Know About LANAP

March 3, 2018

If you suffer from gum disease and have experienced significant gum tissue recession or diminishment in the level of supportive tooth structure, you may need to consider innovative LANAP treatment. This procedure allows your skilled dental team to safely and comfortably remove damaged structures and jump start the soft tissue healing and reattachment process. We most often recommend this treatment as part of a periodontal therapy plan to improve oral health following advanced gum disease. In this post, we’ll discuss these innovative treatments and the many oral health benefits.

1 – LANAP Stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure

LANAP is an acronym that literally stands for laser assisted new attachment procedure. This innovative laser dentistry treatment allows your dentist to comfortably remove damaged tissues, plaque and tartar buildup, and simultaneously accelerate the healing and tissue reattachment process. These advance periodontal therapies were typically performed surgically using scalpels and sutures, which could be uncomfortable during and after treatment, and increases risk for post operative infection. LANAP makes every step of the periodontal therapy process faster, safer, and more comfortable.

2 – LANAP Allows Dentists to Conservatively Treat Gum Disease

The LANAP laser precisely targets damaged tissue and plaque, avoiding healthy structures and allowing patients to begin healing quickly. Traditional scalpel and suture periodontal therapies offer effective treatment to begin renewing oral health. Because the patient’s body needs to heal around the suture in addition to beginning the reattachment process, there is a greater risk for infection and treatment failure. LANAP makes the entire process less invasive and assists patients in achieving successful reattachment by reducing healing time.

3 – LANAP Uses Your Own Natural Tissues to Generate Healthy Gum Attachment

The key to LANAP treatment is the use of your own natural tissues to create a fibrin clot that will jump start the healing and reattachment process. This clot is the key to the success of the LANAP procedure. The LANAP treatment involves three main steps. The first step is the careful removal of damaged tissue using the dental laser. Then, a scaling tool is used to remove the plaque and tartar buildup from the surfaces of teeth. Finally, the laser is applied for a second time. This second application of the laser creates the fibrin clot that seals the tissue around the tooth jump starting the healing and tissue regeneration process.

Meet Dr. Grossman

Skilled Acton and Newton Centre dentist, Stephen H. Grossman, DMD, is dedicated to providing patients safe, comfortable, effective periodontal therapies to meet any need. As a periodontist, Dr. Grossman has advanced training and experience that allows him to provide LANAP treatment as well as other periodontal therapies. With more than three decades of experience in periodontal treatment, Dr. Grossman is a skilled professional who can help you achieve the optimal level of oral health. He and his dedicated dental care team will partner with you to create a periodontal treatment plan to renew your oral and overall health. If you have questions about gum disease therapies or any of our other dentistry services, please call our office in Acton or Newton Centre today. We’ll answer any questions we can over the phone and schedule an appointment to see you in either of our two convenient dentistry practice locations.

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